Where do I find the link for X? Check the Darwin Linktree for all the important DCSA links from the facebook groups to freshers event sign up: https://linktr.ee/dcsa.cam
Who do I contact to book a room at college? Check the Facilities page for information on how to get in touch with bursary.
How do I sign up for Freshers Events? See the sign-up cheet.
How do I sign up for a Consent Workshop? LINK TO COME SOON.
How do I know what's going on around College? Watch out for the WhatsUp letter and subscribe to the events calendar!
What can my partner/family access around College? Families and Partners are very welcome at Darwin! Partners are welcome to freely use common spaces such as the Parlor, Common room, dining hall, reading rooms gardens unaccompanied. The only spaces restricted to Darwin members are the study centre and the new gym. Practically all sports and societies welcome partners - so just reach out to the main contact and ask! To attend a formal or go to the bar, partners must be accompanied by a darwin member. It is possible to get a card which will give your partner access to members pricing for servery and cafe food - please reach out to our catering manager Ivan to find out more. We also have a wide range of books and activities for families use - please get in touch with our families officer to find out more: dcsa_families@darwin.cam.ac.uk.
My question isn't here, who do I contact? Check the meet the DCSA page and reach out to the officer most closely linked to your question, or if you're unsure, reach out to Chelsea at dcsa_president@darwin.cam.ac.uk.