Darwin College Punt Club

The Darwin College Punt and Kayak Club own six punts, six kayaks, a canoe, and four paddle boards. The six punts - Isabela, Velociraptor, The Beagle, Master Brown, Iguana, and Barnacle - are moored on the part of the river that runs through the college grounds. Equipment for all boats, the kayaks, canoe, and the paddle boards are stored in the punt house next to the Old Granary. For any queries, please review the information on this website and then email the Admiral of the Punts at dcsa_punts@darwin.cam.ac.uk


The table below gives a brief overview of the membership and booking fees.

Punts Kayaks and Canoe Paddle boards
Non-Members/ Individual Outings £15 per outing
(per single punt, a trip to Grantchester counts at least as two outings)
not available
(punt club members only)
not available
(punt club members only)
Punt club membership £30 membership fee per season
+ access to all vessels

A quick summary (not comprehensive), you are still expected to read the full Terms and Conditions before signing up!