If you’d like to start a new Sport or Society please get in touch with the DCSA Sports & Socities Officers

Sports & Societies

Badminton Club
[Badminton Club]
Our club welcomes players of all standards, from complete beginners to experienced. No commitment, no membership fees, and courts are paid for by Darwin. We also provide rackets and shuttlecocks. All we want is for you to enjoy badminton. For the competitive ones amongst you, we have a college team that competes in the intercollegiate league, so stay tuned for trials throughout the year! We usually play on Thursdays (6.30-8.15PM) and Sundays (3-5PM) at the Leys Leisure Sports Complex. There may be occasional changes to our sessions so please check your emails and join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/dcbadmintonclub/) for updates.

President: Kaizhong Xing, kx232
Basketball Club (Men)
[Basketball Club (men)]
Basketball has a long and successful tradition at Darwin. We participate every year in two Cambridge University intercollegial competitions: Division 1 of the college league (Michaelmas and Lent terms) and the Cuppers (Easter term), of which we are the defending champions since 2019! The season kicks off late September and ends around April, but we continue to practice throughout the summer months. We are a friendly and active bunch and always welcome new players at varying skill levels in our teams.

Practice: Tuesday 8-10 pm at North Cambridge Academy

Georgios Hadjidemetriou, gh444
Basketball Club (Women)
[Basketball Club (women)]
The Darwin Women’s Basketball Club is the college's most successful sports team having won the college league most years since its formation in May 2000. As well as the college league, the team competes in, and usually wins, the university-wide knock out 'Cuppers' tournament in Lent term. We are fortunate enough to have a dedicated basketball coach who runs our training from early October so we are ready for competitive matches throughout the year. Over the summer we practice with friendly games every week, often joined by members of the university 1st and 2nd teams!

Laura Pelligrini, lp563
Beekeeping Association
Having BEEn lured in by the sweet idea of collecting our very own honey, the Darwin College Beekeeping Association started our very own DarHives in the Darwin Garden. We learn about and discuss all aspects of beekeeping, but promise not to drone on about it, and welcome new members at any experience level as long as you have a high threshold for bee puns. So, if you are an eco-warrior keen to join the fight against our declining pollinators or just looking for an exciting new hobby, email or join us on a hive visit to find out what all the buzz is about!

Michael Schneider (ms2556), Amelia Urry (au255), Sofia Dartnell (skpd2)
Look for WhatsApp group in Darwin Community
Boat Club Darwin College Boat Club (DCBC) is the largest society in Darwin, dedicated to all things rowing! We are one of the most successful graduate boat clubs in Cambridge - just check out the blades in the bar for our previous accomplishments! We are, above all, a friendly, social, and welcoming family. Rowing is a Cambridge tradition, and it is almost impossible to avoid at least one conversation about it during your time here. At DCBC, we believe that everyone should have a go, and encourage anyone to come try out, at least so you can decipher the jargon of the sport!

We train year-round (winter and summer) and participate in numerous races both in Cambridge and outside of Cambridge. The main events in our calendar include Lent (in March) and May (in June - don’t ask) Bumps. May Bumps is one of the highest-profile events in the Cambridge calendar, with thousands of people lining the banks over 4 afternoons to watch boats speed down the Cam, attempting to physically crash into one another (a Bump), while avoiding being hit by the crew behind (getting bumped). If you’re not in a boat, you can get the second most enjoyment out of the days by sitting on the banks with your refreshments of choice, and cheering Darwin to victory! We are fortunate enough to enter multiple boats into each Bumps race, so join up to experience the carnage first-hand!

We welcome all levels of rowing - from those who don’t know what a boat looks like or have never used a rowing machine (erg), to future Olympic hopefuls, and anything in between. We hold taster sessions for both rowers and coxes (person in the front of the boat making the rowing calls and steering the boat). Whichever you feel suits you, you’ll get full coaching and training by our senior club members and experienced coaches. Try a few water sessions (outings) at the beginning of Michaelmas, and with the other novice rowers, you’ll slowly become unstoppable forces of nature, ready to slay the competition out on the river. There are plenty of opportunities for novices to take part in racing in Michaelmas term where you will have the chance to dress-up and race against other colleges. Novice races are fun and light-hearted, culminating the term with the not-to-be-missed Boat Club Dinner, a chance to regale the Club with your war stories from the term, and just blow off some steam.

Rowing is teamwork at its peak. From our strong tan lines in the summer, our matching kit (free speed), the laughs, the sweat, and the shared exquisite pain, you will come away with some of the closest Darwin friendships and bonds that will be everlasting. Come and chat to us to find out more at the Fresher’s Sports and Societies Fair, and even get started and have a go on the erg!

Poppy Oldroyd, darwin.captain@cucbc.org
Leah Rosen, darwin.women@cucbc.org
Sheila Bhatt, darwin.men@cucbc.org
College Choir The College has recently relaunched the college choir, meeting regularly each Tuesday at 1930 in the Old Library. We would love more singers to join us! The choir is open to individuals of all abilities and from throughout the Cambridge community and the music is VERY accessible. You don't have to be a Darwin member, so spouses, significant others, partners, and friends are all welcome. Our rehearsals are fun, rewarding, and take place in a very friendly, welcoming environment. Do come along to de-stress from the pressures of work and help support our emerging musical community.

Pierre Riley (pprr3)
Cheese and Wine Society
[Cheese and Wine]
Care to know your Camembert from your Castigliano? Your Burgundy from your Beaujolais? Fancy yourself as an Oenologist, a Sommelier or cheese fancier? The DCCWS is here to introduce your taste buds to a world of winery and creamery delights. There will be tasting events throughout the year. Join the Facebook page for updates.

Robert Pinsler, rp586
Chess Club A society for all those interested in chess at Darwin College. We have weekly chess sessions, chess theory discussion groups and other events throughout the year.

Toby Brann, tb708</br> Facebook
[Climbing second pic]
We are a group of climbers that simply just want to go climbing. Since there aren't many rocks around we usually meet for an indoor bouldering session at one of the two gyms in town - Rainbow Rocket (RR) or Kelsey Kerridge (KK). We also make the occasional outdoor trip further north or abroad when the weather/season permits. We organise everything over Whatsapp or or via our mailing list. We have bouldering mats, a trad rack, lots of quickdraws, a few spare harnesses, ropes, and belay devices which you can borrow for trips (indoor or outdoor).

Gavin Summers, grs50
Coffee Club Our mission is to caffeinate college. If you enjoy coffee, want to meet fellow coffeeholics or just learn more about the world's most popular beverage, Darwin Coffee Society is the place to be.
We are an open and inviting community - you don't even need to know anything about coffee to join in - that seeks to put great coffee in the mouths of our members - simple as that. Throughout the year, we …
- host trainings/workshops
- explore Cambridge's vibrant coffee scene
- organize cycling trips to coffee destinations
- bring in coffee experts for talks
- host coffee crawls
- visit roasteries
- …your idea?

Jonas Spengler (js2576), Magda Nowinska (mn561)
Join our mailing list

Cricket Club
Darwin College Cricket Club (DC3) is a friendly and welcoming sports club whose primary focus is not about winning, but on making sure that as many Darwinians as possible are introduced to the sport, and get a chance to play it competititvely in the Cuppers and the MCR league (usually around April to June). DC3 has a history of being as old as the college itself, although the club was inactive during some intervals. We are the defending champions of the MCR Cricket League in 2008-9 and 2010-11, reaching the finals in 2009-10, thus, being runners up many times throughout the years.

Maroof Rafique (mr928), David Seager (ds993)
Cuban Salsa Hello Darwinians! We are the Cuban Salsa Society and we meet once per week to practice, socialise, meet new people and have fun! Our class is adapted to suit all levels – from complete beginners to advanced dancers, so don’t hesitate to join us, even if you have never tried dancing before! We promise to make you fall in love with Cuban Salsa!

Darwin members £1
Everyone else: £3
For any queries, reach out to Aristi Damaskou (ad971). Also, make sure to follow us on facebook for more info about the classes. We can’t wait to see you on board!

Aristi Damaskou, ad971
Yasmeen Butt, ycsb2
Laura Magnani, lm2011
Andres Alfonso Rojas, afa38
Instagram: @darwin_cuban_salsa
Cycling Club We are the DCCC; an inclusive and Darwin (and Friends) cycling community!!! We run a bunch of different activities from group rides to cycle socials! As part of the DCCC, you’ll have the opportunity to:
1. explore Cambridgeshire together in a social and safe environment (regular within-week rides and joint weekend trips)
2. compete within (fun competitions, leaderboards etc.) and outside of Darwin College (e.g., with other colleges)
3. learn how to ride safely and to make sure you bike is properly maintained (e.g., bike maintenance workshops, routes, general training advice etc.)
4. get together with fellow cyclists for a coffee or drink and enjoy being part of a community of like minded people!

Jana Strauss, jls202
James Kinch, jik30
Dipping Club


Drink and Draw Drink and Draw is a casual arts and crafts society of the college. Everybody is welcomed, especially those traumatised by school art classes. We mostly meet up in DarBar to doodle and gossip together, but we also organise occasional day-time workshops. The point is to enjoy the process and do something with our hands after stressful days at labs/libraries/behind monitors. Artistic worth and ambition is passively discouraged, but tolerated. Normally we would meet in Darbar between 9pm and 12pm every Wednesday, but until we can meet indoors again, we will be bringing our drinks and art supplies to the Darwin gardens or make trips out around Cambridge - follow our Facebook page for updates (“DarwinDrinkAndDraw”) or email us.

Melanie Whitfield, mjw218
James Luis, jjdl3
Entrepreneurs Club


Football (Men's)
[Football (men)]
The beautiful game comes to Darwin!

Join Chrisopher Bower and his merry band of ballers for another season of the irresistible odyssey that is the Cambridge College football league. Whether you would like to train casually, dive into two footers on the medieval battlefields otherwise known as JCR playing fields, or even brandish some yellow cards under maverick interpretations of the Football Association’s Laws of the Game, Darwin F.C. will have something for you.

With (sporadically) floodlit facilities to rival St. Georges Park, training takes place on Wednesday’s from 8pm-10pm at Cambridge’s finest footballing campus - the CASS leisure center - a momentary cycle from the main college site. League AND cup matches are 11 a side and take place at weekends, normally followed by socials consisting of the watery nectar provided by the Darwin Bar.

Please don’t be shy, all abilities are welcome (some of the starting 11 are testament to the idea that you don’t need to be technically gifted to play for DFC…)!

Email Captain Chris (cab237) with Vice Captain/honorary kitman Kalid (ku230) cc’d for more details!

We welcome everyone regardless of playing ability; whether you are a seasoned veteran, an occasional player looking to rekindle your career or a total rookie, Darwin College FC is the place for you! Sign up at the freshers’ fair or get in touch via Facebook or email, and be on the lookout for details of training and matches starting in October.

Christopher Bower, cab237
Kalid Ulas, ku230
Football (Women's) Women’s football at Darwin is a vibrant and inclusive community of enthusiastic people. We have a recent history of being a strong team and are eager to involve more players, whether you are just developing an interest in football or have played extensively in the past. Reach out to us if you would like to drop in for a training/match and see if you like it!

Our team is a multi-college team that combines players from Darwin, St. Edmunds, and Wolfson (hence the commonly used abbreviation DEW FC). We regularly visit the grounds of all three colleges for trainings or socials, which is a great way to get to know these colleges and their members. We also have close ties to the Darwin men’s team and the two teams enjoy showing up to support each other at matches throughout the season.

We play in the inter-college women’s football league throughout Michaelmas, Lent, and Easter term in addition to the annual Cuppers tournament. We also have the occasional friendly match on weeks where a league game is not scheduled. Finally, throughout the summer, spontaneous kick-abouts keep us connected to each other and the sport!

Current training schedule:
Training- Monday & Thursday
Matches- Saturday (variable)

Blanca Piera Pi-Sunyer, bp451

Social Media:
Find us in the Darwin Whatsapp Community
Gardening Society
DarGar is the Darwin College student vegetable garden. This little green oasis is cultivated by Darwin college members, usually meeting every Sunday at 4pm. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a complete beginner, you're welcome to join us in cultivating flowers, vegetables, herbs, and fruit!

But DarGar is not just about growing - it's about eating too! In the summer months, you'll be able to pick your favourites or try new fruit / veg. In October we press the apples from the Darwin trees to make apple juice and cider. Over the winter we still meet up, often to make delicious dishes from food bought at the local farmers' market.

If you're interested in getting involved then head along to our facebook page.

Green Hub Welcome to the DCSA Green Committee - let's make Darwin a greener College, with an ambitious agenda towards sustainable practices!

Our group gets together regularly to organise events which promote environmental and ethical sustainability in College. We also support and push College authorities as they incorporate sustainability. Thanks to the Green Committee, food waste bins are now available in every kitchen, and we've installed several water refill stations around college. Join us and contribute to one of our current initiatives, or bring in fresh ideas. Everyone's welcome! Interested? Get in touch with the DCSA Environmental & Ethical Affairs officer.

Conor Cooper
dcsa_green AT darwin DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk
Darwin's LGBTQ+ community has regular meet-ups where we do an assortment of activities like arts & crafts, but most often just a simple chat with your friends with drinks and snacks provided. The 'Darwin community only' events are intercalated with social swaps with communities from nearby colleges (bar nights, BBQs).

February is Cambridge's LGBTQ+ history month, with plenty of talks and events (like formal halls, bar crawls and club nights) organised by the Cambridge University Students' Union (join their mailing list) or the communities from various colleges.

That may seem like a while away, but do not fear, there's plenty of universitywide LGBTQ+ events during Freshers' week, including our very own LGBTQ+ Welcome Event.

For more information, get in touch with the DCSA's LGBTQ+ Officer or join our private facebook group to get notifications about the events.

Arthur Davis
dcsa_lgbtq AT darwin DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk
Music Society The Darwin College Music Society (DCMS) hosts musical activities and events and maintains facilities for music practice here at Darwin. If you're interested in music at all, whether you want to perform, watch performances, meet other musicians, or just practice on your own, we hope you can get involved!

Every year, we host multiple open mics, karaoke nights, and live music events. We host a weekly open-ended jam session every Wednesday at 8 p.m. during term, where musicians of all backgrounds are invited to meet one another and play music. We also have a choir which sings classical and medieval music.

Our music facilities are available for group and individual practice. For more information, see the music section of the facilities page.

Keep up to date by joining our mailing list and Facebook group. Don't hesitate to contact the committee with any queries at dcms_committee AT darwin.cam.ac.uk.

Julius Cheng (President), jncc3
Ashley Masing (Treasurer), alm205
Tammas Slater (Choir), ts789
Pool Table Darwin College Pool table Society DCPTS is one of the current societies of the College. The society has access to one pool table in the common room; it has 2 cues, one set of yellow and red balls (English balls), it also has equipment to change cue tips. The society also owns a box to keep the coins (50p) so the members do not have to pay for training. Training is mostly once a week but occasionally more. There is also a Facebook group which can be used by all members as well as other students who want to come and join the members, or those who get invited by members. The Facebook group has been an only way to get in touch with the members and let them know about the date and time of the training sessions as well as other activities. The society has ambitions to host a tournament for members and guests, though this may be Covid dependent. Furthermore, with enough members the society hopes to join the university league.

Rebwar R Salih, rrs38
Punt Club Punting has a long tradition in Cambridge and is one of the highlights of what the town has to offer. As a member of the punt club, you have unlimited access to all of the club‘s punts, kayaks, and the canoe for a year at roughly the price of a single trip with one of the commercial punting companies. In addition to being able to take your friends and family out when they visit, membership also gives you the opportunity to sign up to special events such as the annual punt race, the outings to the Trinity and St John’s May Ball fireworks at night, and to see King‘s choir‘s singing on the river. You can ask at the porters‘ lodge to join.

Booking information and other details can be found on the facilities page in the Punting section.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Admiral of the Punts.

Michael Schneider, dcsa_punts AT darwin DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk
Rugby Calling current and former rugby players, rugby enthusiasts and curious sportspeople! The mature and graduate college rugby team (the All Greys) is recruiting for next season. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for years, there is no better time to pick up a pair of rugby boots than during a World Cup! With regular games, socials throughout the year and a strong rugby tradition in the uni, do your Cambridge year right and chase an egg shaped ball with us. No membership fee required. If you are interested, please drop us a message.

Joshua Maynard, jmm244
Running Club The Darwin College Running Club (DCRC) is a great community of people looking to enjoy the sights in and around Cambridge while enjoying fresh air and good company! We like to get out a few times a week for casual runs and tailor our regular sessions depending on the desires of the group. We encourage participation by runners of all abilities and often offer lead route variations to accommodate a variety of distances/paces. Typical runs during the week are around 5K while longer runs will happen on the weekend. Please get in contact with us if you would like to know more about our regular schedule and try out a run!

Members of our club often decide to try out one of the many annual races in Cambridge such as the Town & Gown 10K, Cambridge Half Marathon, the Boundary Run Half/Full Marathon, or the Chariots of Fire Relay. In the past we have also represented at races in London and beyond. As a club, we set up sessions so that we can train together towards these ambitious goals.

Leanne Milburn, lam219
Chloe Patman, cep72

Social Media:
Find us in the Darwin Whatsapp Community
Swimming Club




Ultimate Frisbee


Darwin does Yoga!

We offer Iyengar yoga classes twice a week with one of Cambridge's most sought-after teachers, Shaili Shafai. All levels are welcome! We run classes twice a week during the whole year: Wednesdays 6-7pm and Saturdays 2:30-3:30pm. These usually happen in the common room, but to keep it safe and ensure social distancing, we have now moved online! You can join our online classes by subscribing to our "Darwin College Yoga" mailing list to receive the class access details.

We offer all the equipment needed, so if you would like to access some of it to join our online yoga classes, get in touch.

We also offer more advanced workshops and social events once a term!

Find us on Facebook for more information.

Darwin members £1
Non-Darwinians £6

Cristina Jauset, cj389
Zumba We run one Zumba class per week at Darwin, rotating every other week between traditional Zumba and STRONG. The former is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training—alternating fast and slow rhythms—and resistance training.

STRONG classes combine a killer bodyweight bootcamp workout with party vibes and pumped-up music. It is a High Intensity Interval Training class using more traditional fitness moves for a more athletic, conditioningstyle workout. You use your own body weight as resistance to achieve muscle definition. The songs match every move, driving the intensity in a challenging progression that provides a total body workout.

Chiara Toschi, ct452

Get involved

If there’s a club/society not listed here, not to worry - you can start it! To found a new club/society you need to have a President and a Treasurer, and 15 Darwin students need to sign up. Then, you can apply for funding from the DCSA Treasurer.

Some clubs we have previously offered are also looking for volunteers to help lead them this year, they are listed below. If you’re interested in getting involved with one of these clubs or starting a new one, come to the Sports & Societies Fair to pick up the necessary paperwork or email Jonathan (dcsa_treasurer@darwin.cam.ac.uk) or Callum (dcsa_sports@darwin.cam.ac.uk)

Animal, Plant and Environment Society (APES)
The Animal, Plant and Environment Society (APES) is an informal, fun and inclusive group who enjoy spending time outside in the natural environment. The troop leaders will plan activities to interact with nature in the local area, including tours of local nature reserves, birdwatching, kayak outings, vounteering and day trips. Bananas will be provided.

Aerial Arts
[Aerial Arts]
Darwin College Aerial Arts is aiming to establish a variety of increasingly popular sports at Darwin. We currently have the equipment to run beginners pole classes in college. With the purchase of our new trapeze, we are also planning to offer static trapeze classes this year.

Aerial Arts are a great way to improve strength, flexibility and overall fitness and the club is open to all students regardless of their age and experience-level. Whether you have previous experience or are just curious about it - please drop by at our sessions and give it a go! You can find out more by joining our Facebook group “Darwin College Aerial Arts” for regular updates.

Bike Repair Club Gears looking orange? Brakes failing? Flat tyre? Do you feel like you're taking your life into your own hands every time you hit the road on your bike? Sign up for the Bike Repair club, and get access to all the tools you'll need to keep a bike in working order around Cambridge! We run the occasional masterclass, so no previous experience is necessary. Find us at the Sports and Societies Fair!
Families Society [Family picture 1]
[Family picture 2]
Being a postgraduate college, a significant portion of our students arrive with their families. Darwin's Families Society aims to bring together students and families to form a joint community where all are welcomed, as well as promote family issues within the College and the University. We run informal events throughout the year as well as bigger events about once per term, to celebrate special occasions. Our most popular events are a Christmas (and Hanukkah) mulled wine and sing-along event held together with the Darwin choir, and the Easter egg hunt held in the College garden. In addition, the Families Society provides activities for children alongside the College-wide DCSA events, to ensure that all our College community feel welcome at all events wherever possible. The Society owns a number of toys and games for a range of different ages which members can access to help their children have a good time while at College. We encourage students with families and all students that want to be a part of this special community to join our society.

See the families guide for lots of useful information.

If you have any questions or want to get involved with this society, please get intouch:

dcsa_families AT darwin DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk
Film Club The Darwin College Film Club welcomes all cinema fans for a few hours of relaxation, entertainment and reflection. We are lucky to have a well-equipped and continuously upgraded TV-Room in the main building where any Darwinians can come and watch movies. All styles of films are showcased - from old time black and white classics, summer blockbusters, international art films, documentaries, and so forth. Feel free to share with us your personal preferences, as the club has a budget to order movies, which are not available in the DVD-library. We aim to organise several thematic events over the year including themed nights, film marathons, outdoor screenings and joint screenings with other Darwin College Societies (Mind Matters Darwin, Darwin PhotoSoc, Families Society). Join the Facebook group “Darwin College Film Club” and the mailing list to receive updates on our screenings. We welcome everyone to join, sit back and relax while watching awesome movies.

The Film Club is looking for a President and a Treasurer. If you are interested, please contact Giulia,

Games Society Hello Darwinians! Do you enjoy games of skill, deception, luck, or dexterity? Join the Darwin College Board Game Society! We at DCBGS have a range of games in college that are normally available 24/7, as well as hosting weekly board game nights, often supplemented with games from our own collections. Games are currently unavailable due to COVID, but do join up at the Sports and Societies Fair to keep up to date with new announcements! Hope to be back in action soon!
Kizomba Let's play Kizomba!

You want to (socially-distanced) meet new people, dance, and make new friends? You wonder what 'musicality', 'weight-shifting' or 'lady-styling' mean? You are looking for some good fun and good music? Then come and join the Kizomba Society!

Kizomba is a dance and a musical genre originating from Angola and is often mentioned in the context of Salsa and Bachata.

We currently meet twice a week online for a two hours class, and have monthly special classes followed by music with our guest DJ.
Lawn Games Society Welcome to the Darwin College Lawn Games Society, where we are dedicated to the games which enhance the enjoyment of a warm sun and cold drinks. We currently boast an inventory of croquet, cornhole, ladder golf, quoits, and bocce ball, all of which are available to Darwin students to borrow and play. We also organise teams for croquet Cuppers each spring, where we compete against the rest of the colleges in the University. We have consistently performed well, this year making it to the semifinals from a field of nearly 50 teams. Find us at the freshers’ fortnight societies fair for more information.
Mind Matters Darwin Mind Matters Darwin wants to raise awareness around mental health, end the stigma and promote wellbeing. We organize recreational activities fostering connections and wellbeing: movie screenings broadly related to mental health and get-togethers. We organise free-of-charge Meditation and Positive Psychology courses (in collaboration with Inner Space Cambridge), in order to improve resilience and alleviate psychological sufferance. We also organise a Mindfulness in Nature course with Claire Thompson, usually in the fall or in the spring, to connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of Darwin Garden and meditation practices. We run a Relationship Anarchy Support Circle once a month to provide a safe space to talk about alternative forms of relationships and ask for support.

We want Darwinians to feel safe and part of a community: it's time to consider the students' mental health and wellbeing as a priority. We want to improve communication and provide information about the many available resources in Cambridge for mental health support: everyone who is in need should feel free to ask for help and receive the necessary support.

We all have a mental health to take care of!

Darwinians do care about mental health!

Minecraft Society The Darwin College Minecraft Club (DCMC) is the college’s only fully online society. At present we have a super relaxed vanilla server online 24/7. Please come and join and build your own virtual home.

To spur you on, for Freshers’ Week we are asking you to create something that fits in a 16x16 block space with the theme “COVID-19”. Virtual prizes will be given for the best entries!

We allow each Darwin member up to 3 non-Darwin guests. To get access, activate your account at:
and enter your CRSID and access code:
“Golden Apples 4 Covid”
Then follow instructions in your email.

Open Club for Debate
[Open Club for Debate]
The idea is pretty simple: a room, some wine and a topic no one can agree on. The Darwin Open Club for Debate is an informal non-stuffy club, where Darwinians and other students from the University of Cambridge debate about controversial topics in an open setting with minimal intervention from a moderator.

We usually meet once a week, and try to schedule debates relevant to latest news. Join our Facebook group to keep up with our events, everybody is welcome to attend!

Photo Society Darwin Photo Society exists to promote digital and film photography. We have an active programme of visiting speakers, internal and external competitions and members’ nights. Examples of activities include themed photographic outings, talks and workshops, LinkedIn photo sessions, dark room training, setting up photo booths for Darwin students and many more. For those of you nostalgic of film photography, we also have access to King’s dark rooms!

The Photo Society is looking for a President and a Treasurer.
Robotics and Raspberry Pi Hi there! Do you like to make things? Do you like to code? Or are you just curious? Then the Darwin College Robotics and Raspberry Pi Society is the perfect place for you! Whether you are a pro or a beginner, join us to help, share and learn together! Although our physical meet-ups schedule will be uncertain this year, we will try to organise small socially-distant gatherings as much as we can. Come to the Freshers’ Fair to find out more about our projects and maybe even suggest your own ;)

Science Society Interested in Science? The Darwin College Science Society (DCSS) aims to connect scientists at Darwin, both through general social events and research-related activities. Whether you live in the lab or just fancy yourself as a bit of a science fanatic, we hope you will find enjoyment in our events, from science pub quizzes, lively debates to movie nights and much more... Nonscience students also welcome!

Waterpolo We play waterpolo jointly with Queens, training once a week and playing (winning) college league once a term. All ability and genders welcome. PS: there are no horses involved...