BBQ & Island

BBQ & Island

It is possible to book the BBQ on the small island in the college garden! This area is very popular during the summer so be sure to book in advance.

To book please contact the bursary for terms and conditions at bursary@darwin.cam.ac.uk.


Without doubt the best college bar in Cambridge, the student-run and operated DarBar offers a space every day from 9pm to unwind after a busy day or to celebrate the end of the week. It offers a wide selection of drinks - both alcoholic and not - and it caters for every taste.

Keeping prices low is the priority for the DarBar team, and regular promotions operate throughout the year. The newly-christened Secession Session runs every Monday and offers deals even when the UK parliament refuses to do so. Also popular are the regular themed whisky tastings, where DarBar invites an expert to guide us through the quagmire that is whisky.

The bar’s most popular event is the annual Oktoberfest, where the official Munich Oktoberfest beers are imported and served in Darwin steins alongside live German music, sausages, and schnitzel.

During Freshers’ Fortnight the bar will be hosting numerous events, including a Gin Night, Latin Party, Board Game Night, the annual Derek Scott Bar Games Night (named after our Head Porter), a pub quiz, International Beer Night, open mic night, and the biggest event of them all, the BOP.

The bar relies on the student body to open every night. If you would like to be part of helping run one of the best parts of Darwin College student life or if you have any questions about the bar, please email the Bar Chair at dcsa_bar AT darwin.cam.ac.uk. Stay up to date with the latest updates by liking our facebook page!



Darwin offers access to a fitness room for primary or associated members of the college. The membership is free and allows you to use the gym at any time. In order to gain access to the gym for the first time you will be required to attend a gym induction, which will typically be individually arranged with your Sports & Societies officers (dcsa_sports AT darwin.ac.uk) throughout the year. This induction is important to familiarise yourself with the rules, ask any questions you might have, sign the conditions of use form and finally activate your student card for access to the gym. Please respect the following rules and guidelines:

General Rules
  • You will need to complete an induction with the Sports & Societies Officers and sign the conditions-of-use form before you will be given access to the gym.
  • Do not play loud music during office hours. Please try to use headphones or keep the volume to a minimum.
  • Do not drop your weights during a workout unless you need to. Try to lower weight gently onto the floor to prevent damage to the equipment, floor, and you.
  • Please try not to cause sudden noise while other people are present in the gym.
  • Return all used equipment to the designated area. If you see something out of place, please return it so we can keep the gym in order.
  • Some rowing machines belong to the Darwin College Boat Club. Unless you had a separate induction, use the general Darwin College cardio equipment.
  • If you see any damaged or broken equipment, immediately stop using it and inform the Porters and Sports & Societies Officers.
  • If at any time during your workout you feel unwell, please inform anyone who might be present in the gym and report to the Porters.
Please be considerate, leave the gym if housekeeping wants to enter the gym for cleaning purposes and respect social distancing. There will be routine checks of the gym. If you are caught breaking any of the above-mentioned rules your access might be removed.

Music at Darwin

The Darwin College Music Society (DCMS) maintains a dedicated music practice space in the college for individual and group practice. You can find it near the Old Library and Reading Room, at the bottom of the short flight of stairs. We have a selection of musical equipment for use, including:

  • Guitars (acoustic, electric, electric bass), amplifiers
  • Weighted electronic keyboard and keyboard synth
  • Acoustic drum set and sticks (soon: electronic drum set!)
  • Microphones and PA system
  • Various percussion (congas, tamborines, shakers)

You are required to complete an induction before gaining card access to the music room, which will familiarize you with the room and the rules surrounding its use. These inductions will take every Wednesday during term at 7:45 p.m., and also several times at the start of each term, which you can find on the events page. If you need to schedule an alternative time, contact the DCMS committee at dcms_committee AT darwin.cam.ac.uk. Once you've completed the induction, you can book the room at the booking website.

Darwin also has a few other options for music practice, both of which do not require induction. Bradfield Court has an upright piano is bookable by emailing the bursar at bursary AT darwin.cam.ac.uk or visiting the Porters' Lodge. Its availabilities can be viewed here. There's also a piano practice room in Newnham Terrace 1, which can be booked at the booking website.

Subscribe to the DCMS mailing list to receive announcements about the music facilities at Darwin, as well as exciting activities and events! We also have a modest budget for new equipment, so let us know if you have any requests!

DCMS Committee 2022-2023:
Julius Cheng (President): jncc3 AT cam.ac.uk
Ashley Masing (Treasurer): alm205 AT cam.ac.uk
Tammas Slater (Choir): ts789 AT cam.ac.uk


Punt Club

Please find all details at the Punt website.
Social and Meetings rooms There are a range of bookable rooms for both social gatherings and meetings around college. For example, for film or video game nights rooms such as Bradfield or Newnham Terrace 1 are ideal; you can even bring some of the beanbags located around the college, as it as allowed to move these around freely within common indoor spaces! In addition, the small seminar rooms are ideal for PhD supervisions if you're a PhD student who is teaching. Booking is performed at https://www.darwin.cam.ac.uk/booking-rooms-darwin.