Meet the DCSA Executive Committee

[President's picture] President
dcsa_president AT
Daniel BUHL

Dan is a second-year PhD student in Biological Sciences at the Department for Veterinary Medicine developing methods for the detection of bacteria in clinical samples.

The President is the representative of the DCSA to College, voicing the opinions of the students to all College members. They coordinate the committee by chairing DCSA Regular Meetings and General Meetings. The President works very closely with the Secretary, Treasurer, and the rest of the committee to ensure work is completed. The President sits on the College Council as a student representative, attends fortnightly Cambridge Students’ Union meetings, and sits on numerous College committees (including Strategic Planning, PREVENT, Health & Safety, and Wine).

[Secretary's picture] Secretary
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Vivien is a fourth-year PhD student at the Department of Chemistry, working on the development of DNA bioconjugation methods in the context of epigenetic sequencing.

The Secretary is the administrator of the committee and the Vice President (chair meetings and run the committee in the absence of the President). They run DCSA elections, take meeting minutes, and ensure that up-to-date records of the DCSA’s affairs are maintained, including policy documents and the DCSA Constitution, Schedule, & Regulations. The Secretary also sits on the Buildings & Grounds and the Darwin College Society Committees; and is in charge of the TV room and its bookings.

[Treasurer's picture] Treasurer
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Jonathan PARKER

Jonathan is studying for a PhD in Biochemistry, researching MYC dependent signalling in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. When not working on his PhD or training with the University of Cambridge Ice Hockey Club Men’s Blues, Jonathan can be found enjoying DarBar’s extensive whisky collection.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the DCSA, including drafting the annual budget, publishing periodic expense reports, and assessing the financial feasibility of projects. They are responsible for ensuring timely reimbursements and payments of invoices and for maintaining accurate financial records. The Treasurer also sits on the College Finance Committee.

[Welfare Officer I picture] Welfare Officers
dcsa_welfare AT

Elena is a first year PhD student in Biology, studying Embryonic Development. She likes singing, being under the sun and looking at fish in the sea. She is passionate about the importance of normalizing Mental Health issues, so feel free to ask her about her recovery from an eating disorder and share (or not, that’s also fine!) your own struggles.

[Welfare Officer II picture] dcsa_welfare AT
Akash DAS

Akash is a 3rd year PhD student working on the development of low cost viral diagnostics as part of the Sensor CDT program. When not working, he spends far too much time watching anime and playing video games.

The Welfare Officers are the student contact for students who are in need of help or advice. The two can advise you how to deal with any issues you face and who you should contact to get the help you need. Together, they organise welfare events throughout the year, such as Welfare Teas and Welfare Walks. Drop us an email or come find us on Facebook or College, if you need anything or just want to have a chat!

[Women's Officer's picture] Women's Officer
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Anna is studying an MPhil in Education (Knowledge, Power and Politics). She is particularly interested in intergenerational healing promoted by post-war multilateral youth peace education programs, and gender equality in the Japanese context. Having worked as an educator for nearly five years, including teaching secondary school gender equality studies, Anna is excited to be putting her enthusiasm for this field into practice as Darwin’s 2020-21 Women’s Officer.

The Women's Officer is responsible for representing and furthering the needs of students who identify as women/non-binary and promoting issues of gender, inclusivity, and accessibility. The Women’s Officer is responsible for campaigning to ensure that students' bodily autonomy is respected in all areas relevant to their sexual and reproductive health, tackling sexual violence and harassment in education, and working with student activists, officers and sector experts to remove barriers to support and justice for survivors and for institutions to be held accountable for failing to keep students safe. The Office ensures that Darwin is effective in its representation of the community it represents within the University and that the college is sensitive to these students' needs and issues.

[Q+ Officer's picture] Q+ Officer
dcsa_lgbtq AT

Sarah is a PhD student at the Institute of Criminology, where she is studying Queer Intimate Partner Violence, specifically the role of morality within decision making. Outside of her studies, Sarah’s favorite lockdown activity is playing video games and is often found with a pint in hand at the pub (socially distanced, of course). The role of the Q+ Officer is to act as a representative for the interests of LGBTQ+ students at the college level, as well as to organise social events, mixers and workshops benefiting the college’s LGBTQ+ community. Importantly, should any student have the slightest concern about their ability to express their gender or sexual identity in college, Sarah is always there to chat, advise and help out where possible.

[BAME Officer's picture] BAME Officer
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The BAME officer works with college to further the needs of BIPOC students, to create initiatives through which we can create a space that allows BIPOC students to reach their full potential, and better the everyday experience of life in Cambridge, as well as to figure out ways to deal with structural racism and increasing access for BIPOC.

[Admiral's picture] Admiral of the Punts
dcsa_punts AT

Michael is a third year PhD student in Medical Genomics; he is using computational and statistical tools to identify the processes that drive cancer development.

The Admiral of the Punts is responsible for all the vessels the punt club owns, including the punts, kayaks, canoe, paddle boards, and associated equipment. They manage Punt Club membership, finances, and administration, and they work with several trusted Captains to ensure the vessels are maintained and to organize social events throughout the year. Have a look at our website if you’d like to learn more about the Darwin Punt Club.

[Communications Officer's picture] Communications Officer
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Hilde is a PhD student in the genetics department. For her PhD she is modelling hybrid fitness, thinking about the origin of species, and counting flowers at the botanical gardens. Outside of work, she can often be found on the river or the rugby pitch.

The Comms Officer is responsible for sending out the WhatsUp email blasts, maintaining the website, and otherwise attending to DCSA communication needs such as sitting on the college Information Services Committee. Please get in touch if you’d like to share something in WhatsUp or for any other communication-related needs. Speaking of which don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list!

[Ents Officer's I picture] Entertainment Officers
dcsa_ents AT
Jordan LEE

Jordan is a first year PhD student at the Department of Medicine researching heart attack and stroke.

[Ents Officer's II picture] dcsa_ents AT

Melanie is an MBA at the Judge Business School. She comes from a Media and Entertainment background, making films and TV series. She loves wine and cheese tasting and will talk to anyone about it at length!

In pre-pandemic times, the Ents Officers used to coordinate, organise, and promote the Darwin BOPs. They were responsible for the music, decorations, security, and finances. They also worked with the Events Officer to host other events throughout the year. Darwin BOPs were known for their vibrant atmosphere and original themes and they always had the most popular Cambridge bands performing. Sadly BOPs are not allowed in the foreseable future. They will now try their best to offer alternative entertainments. But rest assured, as soon as BOPs are allowed again, they will throw the best and biggest college parties which will have been worth the wait! Think live music, themes, drinks, djs, raffles, good vibes and dancing until the early morning... Reach out to them if you have any ideas! One officer is elected in November, and the other is elected in May.

[Environment and Ethics Officer's picture] Environmental and Ethical Affairs Officer
dcsa_green AT

Meg is in her first year of a PhD in Physics, investigating chemical sensing techniques using optical fibres. She is passionate about climate and environmental justice and ending fast fashion. You'll often find her enjoying a coffee in the Darwin garden – come say hi!

The Environmental & Ethical Affairs Officer is responsible for the coordination and implementation of measures to address environmental and ethical issues, and organises college events promoting awareness of these issues. Please feel free to get in touch and share an issue that you feel passionate about, so that Meg can support you in sharing it with the Darwin community. They oversee the Gardening Society and sit on the Buildings & Grounds, Meals and International Crisis committees.

[Events Officer's picture] Events Officer
dcsa_events AT

Chanon is studying for a PhD in Chemistry.

The Events Officer coordinates, organises, and promotes social and entertainment activities in college, including the May Week Garden Party, summer BBQ, and other smaller events throughout the year. They also administer the DCSA’s College Calendar.

[External Officer's picture] External Officer
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Christopher DAVIS

Christopher is a PhD student in the Department of Plant Sciences, researching the conservation and evolutionary genetics of an endangered species of flower growing on the mountaintops of Armenia.

The External Officer is responsible for organising formal swaps with other Colleges, and for hosting other Colleges when they visit Darwin for formal swaps. They also represent the DCSA at Cambridge Students’ Union meetings.

[International Officer's picture] International Officer
dcsa_international AT

Maya is an MPhil student at the Faculty of Education studying the impacts of bi-lingualism on executive functioning. She was keen to join the DCSA as an International Officer because she has lived in 4 different countries (India, the US, Italy and the UK) over the past few years and also speaks multiple languages. As an International Officer, Maya hopes to bring Darwin’s dynamic student body even closer together through events and engagement. Maya is an extremely outgoing person and loves meeting people from around the world. She also sits on the welfare committee and wants to address the mental health concerns of international students. Please feel free to contact her via email.

The International Officer is responsible for representing the needs of international students (e.g. internal collegiate administrative matters - such as testing for international students), providing welfare support and organising events for fellow Darwinians which highlight cultural diversity. They also serve as a chair on the international crisis committee wherein international students speak about pertinent world affairs (e.g. political conflicts within their home countries).

[Sports and Societies Officer's I picture] Sports and Societies Officers
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Daniel BUHL

Dan is a second-year PhD student in Biological Sciences at the Department for Veterinary Medicine developing methods for the detection of bacteria in clinical samples.

[Sports and Societies Officer's II picture] dcsa_sports AT

Poppy is a first-year PhD student in bioelectronics; she is developing flexible microelectrode arrays for brain stimulation. Aside from academics, she enjoys running, cooking, and reading. If you have any questions she is always up for a chat/run/coffee break and can often be found in the Darwin gym or gardens.

The Sports and Societies Officers are responsible for maintaining the gym and for overseeing Darwin’s sports and societies. They are also responsible for organising the Darwin-Wolfson Sports Day, a day of friendly competition against our sister college at Oxford, held every March. One officer is elected in November, and the other is elected in May.

Ex officio officers

[College Council I picture] College Council Representatives
dcsa_council_reps AT

Iván is a first-year PhD student in Molecular Biology at the LMB, studying transcription. He has a deep addiction to mate, science policy, dipping in the Cam and all things Boca Juniors.

[College Council II picture] dcsa_council_reps AT
Jacob MOSS

Jacob is a first year PhD student at the Computer Lab where he researches machine learning applied to pharmacological problems.

The College Council Reps are elected by the students to represent them in College Council meetings and other college committees. They also report the business of College Council to the DCSA, and provide feedback to college on student interests. One rep is elected in November, and the other is elected in May.

[Barcom's picture] Bar Committee Chair
dcsa_bar AT

Zoë is a third-year PhD in classics, she is researching the role of knowledge in theories of action in early Greek philosophy and science. When she is not at the bar, she can be found climbing or discussing philosophy and/or politics over a coffee.

Darbar is the college bar and is totally run and staffed by Darwin students. The Bar Chair presides over the Bar Committee and the large group of bartenders, and makes sure everyone can enjoy the bar, whilst keeping a safe and welcoming space both for customers and staff. If you have any questions or ideas for making Darbar even better please get in contact with the email above. The Bar Chair is elected by the Bar Committee rather than being elected by all students.

[Family Officer's picture] President of the Families Society
dcsa_families AT

The President of the Families Society is responsible for representing and furthering the needs of students with families - those with partners and/or children of all ages. They work to involve students with families in college events and organise events aimed at these students through the families society. They are elected by the Families Society rather than being elected by all students. See the families guide for lots of useful information.